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BMW unveils what may be the caravan of the future

The annual Consumer Electronics Show (CES) in Las Vegas has long been one of the key events in the calendar at which home technology enthusiasts discover what kind of gadgets their humble abodes may be stuffed with in years to come. However, it’s not just TVs that routinely make an appearance at the ever-popular trade show, with bigger and more outlandish machines also often starring.

This proved to be the case again at the 2019 CES, which ran from 8th to 11th January. One development that certainly caught our eye here at Ferguson was a caravan – of sorts – debuted by BMW, resulting from a collaboration between the German car manufacturer and The North Face.

Turning the concept of the caravan on its head

While you’re browsing the Ferguson website searching for a great deal on a traveller TV, you might be tempted to consider what it would look like perched inside the BMW ‘Futurelight’ Camper.

It consists of a tubular frame covered with stretched lightweight fabric, resulting in a caravan that – in the words of BBC Top Gear writer Greg Potts – “would look more at home with Matt Damon on Mars than in the Somerset countryside.”

BMW has cited the Gina concept car first seen back in 2008 as one of its inspirations for the camper. However, while that machine used the German marque’s own flexible skin, for the Futurelight, the Germans have instead turned to The North Face’s own technical fabric.

While the American lifestyle and outdoor clothing manufacturer is more closely associated with coats than caravans, the material used for the Futurelight Camper has been described as the most advanced, breathable and waterproof fabric on the planet.

Source the perfectly-suited traveller TV from our comprehensive online store

Admittedly, from the pictures we’ve seen, BMW’s vision of the caravan of the future does look a little cramped inside, so even if you ever do own one, you might struggle to squeeze a TV in there.

In any case, for now, you may well be the owner of a rather more conventionally designed caravan, motorhome or similar vehicle, and in need of the ideal traveller TV for it.

Here at Ferguson, we’ve got as good a selection of dedicated travel TVs as you’ll see anywhere, ranging from 16” and 22” HD LED 12-volt TVs, right through to 22” and 32” battery-operated TVs that you can watch for 8-10 hours continuously before needing to charge them again.

So, you don’t need to wait for years to discover the future of real-world caravans or motorhome TVs – all that you have to do is embrace the holiday opportunities that await you in 2019, by taking your pick from our impressive and well-priced traveller TV range right here, right now at Ferguson.