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Big news: we’ve restyled our 55” curved Android smart 4K TV!

Curved TVs are not exactly a new concept, yet it seems that more and more homeowners are checking them out, and with good reason. As a matter of fact, the timing couldn’t be better for you to invest in your very own spectacular curved TV from FergusonTV.com, as our 55” Android Smart 4K Ultra HD Curved Smart TV has recently been restyled to give it even greater living-room appeal.

Why should you invest in a curved TV at all?

You might have spotted curved TVs before, or have been wooed by their unashamedly modern design. Even if curved TVs didn’t offer much else over the average flat TV, it’s hard to deny that they look very cool.

However, as our 55” curved TV ably demonstrates, a curved TV isn’t just there just to be admired after it has been turned off. That’s because it brings real benefits to your viewing experience, the screen being curved slightly forward creates a sense of the program you’re watching ‘wrapping around’ you. Curved TVs are therefore the TVs that customers often choose these days when they want the highest levels of immersion.

Those who watch curved TVs also frequently remark that the picture produced looks three-dimensional, even when they are watching a two-dimensional source, gives a wider field of view and even the sense of contrast is better on curved TVs.

Our curved TVs are perfectly suited for 2017 TV & Media Viewing

TVs have come a long way since their invention, and so have we here at Fergusontv.com. We realise that the curved TV is in many ways ‘the future’, which is partly why we’re about to introduce a new range of sophisticated and fully-featured curved TVs with Freeview HD, including 32” and 40” models that are smaller than many of the curved TVs presently on the market.

In the meantime, if it’s our 55” curved smart TV that you’ve fallen in love with, thanks to such features as Android Smart, built-in Wi-Fi, Freeview HD channels and USB functionality that allows it to play saved media files, we’ve got it available right now, at a great price.

Shop at Fergusontv.com for the latest and greatest in British made curved TVs that will dazzle both you and anyone else lucky enough to watch it with you