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Are we falling in love with especially large televisions? One recent report says so…

What’s most important to you when you come to buy a television? The most advanced technology, perhaps, or a stellar audiovisual experience? Well, it appears that when it comes to many of us, size is now an especially vital priority. Furthermore, far from opting for smaller sets that fit into the most compact spaces in the home, we’re increasingly subscribing to the view that ‘more is more’.

Yes, that’s right – we want big televisions in our homes. According to a report released by one of the most familiar names in British retail, the average size of TV sets has actually doubled since 2010.

All manner of consumer electronics have caught the ‘bigness’ bug

For so many years, we were led to believe that ever-more sophisticated technology in ever-smaller devices would be the way of the future for consumer tech. In the last few years, though, something rather curious has happened. While smartphone and tablet manufacturers like Apple and Samsung have been debuting devices larger than their predecessors of five to 10 years ago, British homeowners have seemingly become enchanted with the monster-sized TV.

Well, in all fairness, much depends on exactly how large a ‘monster-sized TV’ is, and it seems from the aforementioned report that what counts as ‘normal’ has shifted considerably. Over the past year alone, for instance, some 249% more 60-inch sets have been sold, while there was a 200% year-on-year jump in the number of 80-inch models bought.

Whereas in 2010, it was the 36-inch TV that represented the UK’s bestselling TV size, today, the fastest-growing TV width is 70 inches, which indicates that in the years to come, this may actually be the standard size of TV in British households.

We can satisfy your desire for the perfect larger TV

Now, if you’re a regular reader of our Knowledge Centre articles here at Ferguson, you may be curious to know how this apparent ever-intensifying appetite among Britons for bigger TVs tallies with a similarly stratospheric rise in the proportion of smart TVs being sold.

Well, the answer’s simple, really – we either spend more money, choose between size and technology when shopping for a new TV, or look for a great-value set that allows us to experience the greatest benefits of both a generous size and truly ‘smart’ features for a reasonable price.

We can help you with the latter task here at Ferguson, thanks to such fully-featured options as our Android Smart 4K Ultra HD 75-inch TV with Freeview T2 HD. It’s a TV that boasts so many of the things that make our brand’s smart TVs so renowned, including the ability to download all of your favourite Android apps directly to your device, for the most tailored entertainment experience.

In fact, whether you desire a 55-inch, 58-inch, 65-inch or 75-inch TV for a price that leaves you plenty of change to spare for other home purchases, you just can’t beat our in-depth selection of larger TVs, also including the likes of our QLED Superfast and Superfast Smart models.

Don’t make a false choice between TV size and TV tech. Instead, make Ferguson your port of call for a generously-sized, but also pleasingly priced smart TV that boasts no shortage of thoroughly 21st-century innovation.