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Are there ‘good’ and ‘bad’ times of year to purchase a new TV?

Pretty much anyone who has ever needed to purchase an electronic appliance will have asked themselves the classic question, of whether they are best off buying a TV, smartphone etc as soon as it is released, or waiting for it to drop in price.

On one hand, you could have up-to-the-minute technology the moment it becomes available; on the other technology that’ s a few months old could be more than enough for your needs, while also offering you what may be a considerable discount.

Here are a few things to think about if you are currently comparing some of the best TV deals online, but are unsure as to whether you ought to buy right now or hold off until prices have fallen.

Price variations over the year can be… a little surprising

Sometimes, the time of year when you would expect certain TVs’ prices to be especially high or low don’t deliver such outcomes. Consider, for instance, Black Friday, it’ll be on 29th November this year.

Black Friday has been greeted in recent years by lower prices on a wide range of goods, marking the start of the Christmas peak season right up to the January sales. TV prices have been known to drop by as much as 50% during this period – but does that mean they go up again once the festive season is over?

The consumer advice service Which? set out to answer that question, and its findings are intriguing. It looked at the 10 most popular TVs on which.co.uk during last year’s Black Friday week, comparing their prices then to how much was being charged for them in March 2019.

It found that only 40% of the analysed TVs had even gone up in price since Black Friday, and of those, only as much as £20 had been added to their prices. 40% of the TVs remained as low-priced as they had been on Black Friday, and two out of the 10 had become cheaper.

So, what conclusions can be drawn from such trends?

In summary, while it might well be worth waiting until the release date for a certain TV if you really do insist on having the very latest tech, you don’t necessarily have to do so considering how competitively priced current models are and how little the new models sometimes seem to offer for the increase in price. If you’re looking to drive a hard bargain, though… you might not even have to go that far.

Right here at Ferguson, for instance, at the time of typing, we have such high-specification TVs as our 4K HDR  75”, 65” and 55” Superfast Smart TVs on offer at very keen sales prices. But it’s a similar story for entry-level Ferguson TVs like the 16” Full HD LED TV with built-in DVD player and satellite tuner.

It turns out, then, that you’ll come across many of the best TV deals online in the Ferguson online store – not only now, but throughout the year. So why wait any longer to secure yourself the right TV for your entertainment needs during 2019, at the right price?