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An introduction to HDMI ports – and why your next TV should have one

There are a lot of things you might have noticed when browsing our HD TV range lately – not least the number of HDMI ports that our 4K TVs come with.

We have both 50” and 65” Ultra HD LED Smart TVs, for example, that each come with three HDMI ports for connecting external devices and consoles. But why should it really bother you whether your own next TV has these inputs?

First of all – what is HDMI?

HDMI – which stands for High Definition Multimedia Interface – has actually been around for a fair few years now, having been developed in 2003. It has truly come into its own, however, in the now-thoroughly-mainstreamed world of HD TV and entertainment, with these ports appearing on not only TVs, but also personal computers and even smartphones.

HDMI supports both video and surround sound, thereby eliminating the need for an additional set of audio cables. By combining Digital Visual Interface (DVI) with audio, HDMI gives the user the benefit of superb audio and video quality.

A HD TV feature that brings real advantages for users

As an uncompressed, all-digital audio/visual interface, HDMI goes further than simply enabling you to use a single cable for the handling of all audio and video transmission signals.

Sure, the latter’s a significant benefit, given that it allows you to avoid a web of wires. However, it’s just as significant that HDMI gives you a high-definition interface between your TV and any audio/video source, such as a DVD player, games console or set-top box.

It’s thanks to HDMI that you can enjoy genuinely crystal-clear digital video, multi-channel surround audio, and advanced control data through just one cable. Having been designed to accommodate Full HD 1080p video, HDMI is a technology ‘of the moment’, not least because it leaves bandwidth spare for the most up-to-date 4K Ultra HD equipment of 2020.

Take your pick from our industry-leading HD TV selection

Don’t underestimate, then, how advantageous multiple HDMI ports on your next HD TV could be for improving your audio-visual experience, while also simply saving you from a lot of cable-swapping hassle. That’s especially relevant in an era in which there are just so many gadgets and streaming boxes you might wish to connect to your TV.

Shop online at Ferguson today, then, to make the most of up-to-the-minute HD TV models that are not only British-made and very reasonably priced, but also perfectly matched to the technological and practical needs of the 2020s British home – including yours.