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A 65-inch TV isn’t a luxury anymore – in fact, it might be essential!

For years, we were constantly being told by the tech press and, erm, the neighbour’s friend who had a smartphone, that entertainment devices were primed to become smaller and smaller. In fact, everything in our homes was seemingly set to downsize – so the same would happen to our TVs, too, right?

Fast-forward to 2020, and it’s not quite turned out that way. Quite the opposite, in fact – many observers are now suggesting that you might regret choosing anything smaller than 65 inches for your next TV.

But why is that the case? Well, we’ll take you through a few factors…

We’re firmly in the era of 4K Ultra HD

And if you need any evidence of that, you only need to look at our own fresh-for-2020 range of RTS smart TVs here at Ferguson! Most of these great TVs aren’t merely ‘HD Ready’ or even ‘Full HD’, as might have been a novelty in the past – they’re 4K Ultra HD units, sporting a stellar 3840 x 2160 screen resolution.

When your TV’s that capable in terms of the sharpness of the picture it produces, you’ll want to be able to properly immerse yourself in it, especially given that the range of 4K content on offer via such platforms as Netflix and YouTube is still growing.

Depending on other factors such as the size as your room and how close you and anyone else will be sitting to the TV, you might end up cursing your decision to settle for something smaller than a 65-inch TV. Why, after all, would you want a TV with the screen technology that befits a true ‘home cinema’ experience, without the actual screen size to match?

But what if you’re genuinely short of space?

Now, before we go any further, we’re certainly not suggesting that of our latest RTS smart TVs, you should only be considering our 65-inch TV. Indeed, for many people seeking a new TV, 55 inches might be the more natural starting point for consideration – and we also offer 40”, 43” and 50” models to cater to the full range of preferences and needs when it comes to screen size.

It’s worth bearing in mind, though, that with today’s TVs of any size being slimmer than ever before, the TV dimensions you might have been forced to accept for your modest space some years ago might not be the same as what is feasible for you now.

Also take into account that even our largest 65” RTS smart TV can be wall mounted (bracket not included) – so it’s not as if you need to buy a piece of furniture to place the TV on, if that isn’t the arrangement that would make sense for the room where you intend to put it.

Whatever size you go for, you can have enjoy a smart TV

As we touched on above, while smart TVs have been around for a little while now, the era of 4K Ultra HD entertainment is only just starting to gather significant momentum. Purchase a 65-inch TV that incorporates this technology today, then, and you’ll be preparing yourself and your household for many years of seriously exciting programming and movies.

And as always here at Ferguson, our RTS smart TVs offer such sophistication at the same time as representing excellent value for money – so why look anywhere else?