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5 things that make a Ferguson Platinum TV perfect for your home cinema

How often have you been to the cinema lately? It may be that you haven’t been for a while – not because the films themselves have become any less exciting but because the whole experience of going to the cinema doesn’t feel quite as glamorous or exclusive as it once did.

These type of feelings may be caused by a number of factors – noisy audiences, ringing phones, overpriced popcorn or the fact that so many great movies are released on Blu-ray pretty much as soon as they disappear from the cinema these days

If you’ve decided to specify and furnish your own “media room”, you’ll have a lot to think about – not least the right TV for the job. So which aspects of the newly-launched Ferguson Platinum LED TV make it the one you should buy?

  1. The astounding sound quality

The Ferguson Platinum LED TV offers an almost unparalleled audio experience, thanks to its built-in multi-speaker soundbar that houses four speakers on the 32” model, and six speakers on all of the other sizes right up to an especially crowd-pleasing 65”.

  1. An incredible variety of sizes

As mentioned, there’s a good range of screen sizes that you can choose from for your Ferguson Platinum TV, from 32” to 65”, with 43”, 50” and 55” models also available.

So whether you’re building a dedicated room from scratch or simply wish to give your modestly-proportioned living room a bit of that picture-house ambience, we’re sure you’ll find just the right high-specification LED TV for you.

  1. The ability to download apps to the TV

If you’re a fan of all things Android, you’re in luck.

You can download literally thousands of Android apps directly to your Ferguson Platinum TV – so if there’s a movie on, say, Netflix or BBC iPlayer that you fancy watching, you can view them via the app, rather than fiddle around loading any DVD or Blu-ray copy you have into your media player.

  1. The option to watch downloaded content

Even if the film you wish to view exists only on an external hard drive or memory stick that’s been languishing at the back of a cupboard for months, the Universal Serial Bus (USB) capability of the Ferguson Platinum TV enables you to enjoy that content.

  1. The 4K Ultra HD picture quality

4K resolution is the resolution that many of us are used to in commercial digital cinema, so it makes sense to make your choice of LED TV a 4K Ultra HD one. It means you can choose even the largest available Ferguson Platinum TV, with no worries about poor picture quality marring your enjoyment.

Is it time for you to experience the Ferguson Platinum TV ? Browse our extensive LED TV range here at Ferguson TV today, and we suspect that your answer to that question will be yes.