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5 stellar things a Ferguson rechargeable caravan TV can do

As we’ve recently mentioned in the Knowledge Centre here at Ferguson TV, two new additions have been made to our range that show just how far the caravan TV can go in terms of both sophistication and convenience. They aren’t poor relations to the more traditional TVs that we offer for the home, and they certainly don’t bear much resemblance to the crude battery-operated TVs that you may have been familiar with from decades ago.

However, it’s sometimes hard for people to get their heads around the sheer refinement and impressive feature set of our new rechargeable caravan TV models, so we thought we’d spell out just some of the amazing things that they can do.

  1. Give you 8-10 hours of enjoyable TV watching

The idea of having a battery-operated caravan TV that can be recharged with all of the ease of a smartphone might have seemed a crazy idea just a few years ago. However, that’s precisely what our new caravan TVs make possible, with a charging time of just two hours for between eight and 10 hours of watching your favourite programmes.

  1. Provide a great view from any position you wish

Yes, you can say goodbye to having to awkwardly position a caravan TV in whatever random corner you could find in your caravan or motorhome. These rechargeable TVs can be placed almost anywhere within your vehicle, thanks to their ability to be mounted to the wall and choice of two size options – 22” or 32”.

  1. Display programmes in glorious HD

Thanks to our new battery-operated TVs’ Freeview HD channels, you can enjoy BBC One, BBC Two, ITV, Channel 4 or Channel 5 programming in more pristine and vivid quality than you may even be accustomed to back home.

  1. Play media files from other devices

The USB functionality of these TVs enables you to insert an external hard drive or memory stick containing downloaded content you might want to watch on your motorhome or caravan holiday. It also means that you can record digital TV for watching later, at a time convenient for you, and you can even use it to recharge your smartphone or tablet.

  1. Grant access to your favourite console games

Whether it’s you or other members of the family who wish to bring a games console along on your next motorhome or caravan trip, the HDMI input on these TVs means that it can be easily connected for hours of enjoyment. That might just be the perfect way to shut up the kids, or any ‘big kids’ in your family, for a while.

It’s time to bring your caravanning experience firmly into the 21st century, with a caravan TV that will make you feel like you never left home. Check out our acclaimed 22” and 32” battery-operated TVs for yourself, and you will see that they really are capable of (almost) everything.