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5 questions to ask yourself when buying a travel TV

The task of selecting the perfect TV for use in a recreational vehicle – such as a caravan, motorhome or even boat – is a little different to the process of choosing a TV for your living room. Certain factors are likely to come into play that barely apply when you are attempting to purchase a home TV.

Here, then, are a few questions that you might ask yourself to narrow down your options.

What size of TV do I want?

Opt for too large a travel TV, and it’ll be an inconveniently bulky item in your leisure vehicle – but if you go for an overly small travel TV, you might not have quite the experience that you wish to enjoy as a viewer. Thankfully, Ferguson offers travel TVs in dimensions ranging from 16” to 32”, which reflects the huge variety of recreational vehicles in which such TVs are customarily used.

What image quality do I desire?

Much depends here on your intended use of your travel TV, including how often you expect to call upon it, and what you would consider your minimum standards to be. It helps, though, that when you buy your travel TV from Ferguson, high standards can be expected; even our entry-level 16” LED 12-volt TV comes with a Full HD picture, which equates to a maximum resolution of 1920 x 1080.

Will I be using the TV to watch DVDs?

Satellite or cable TV services might not always be available to you, depending on where you’re travelling – so it helps to have other options for keeping yourself entertained with your travel TV. DVDs may seem ‘old hat’ these days to some of us, but plumping for a TV that incorporates a DVD player – such as our 22” Full HD 12-volt DVD Combi – can still be a bit of a lifesaver.

What connections will I appreciate on my travel TV?

Do you use a USB device to store a lot of your favourite music and movies? In that case, a USB port on your chosen travel TV could be a really useful feature. The same goes for any HDMI inputs that the TV may have, as these will enable you to connect other external devices such as games consoles. Opt for such a TV as our 22” Smart Full HD Traveller TV with Satellite Tuner, and you can make the most of both USB and HDMI inputs on your TV.

How would I prefer my TV to be powered?

Many people seeking out a travel TV expect it to be a 12-volt TV – and sure enough, we stock plenty of variants of these TVs here at Ferguson, accompanied by 12-volt power adaptors. But our 22” and 32” battery-operated TVs are also fine options, giving you domestic 240v and travel 12v power options as well as a built-in rechargeable battery, the latter capable of powering the TV for up to 10 hours on a two-hour charge.

Are you unsure of what your main priorities should be when you are in the market for a travel TV? If so, our customer support representatives would be happy to guide you. Simply email or phone us today, and we can help you in the direction of a travel TV that perfectly suits your requirements.