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5 features to consider for your next 12-volt leisure TV

One of the things that we do best here at Ferguson TV is bring our customers a stunning range of TV’s including several options for a leisure TV.

Our wide-range of 12-volt TVs have been considered with the needs of caravan, motorhome and other travelling users specifically in mind – but what features do you actually need from such a TV?

Here are a few of the features that you may find yourself appreciating.

Built-in DVD player

All of those film and comedy DVDs that you might not have watched for years at home can suddenly come into their own when the weather is bleak and you’ve got time to burn on a motorhome or caravan holiday. Ferguson offer 12v TV/DVD Combis in sizes 16” to 24”. Check out this 24” Full HD LED 12-volt TV/DVD as an example. All these TV’s can be wall mounted too.

USB input

While many folks have a DVD Library a growing number save their favourite movies to memory devices such as USB or portable hard drives. All of the Ferguson 12v TV’s have the ability to play media saved from other devices or record TV while out using the USB port(s) available on each model. Again, that’s great for what could otherwise be quite long evenings and nights in the caravan.

Rechargeable battery

Battery-operated TVs have come a long way in the last few decades with running times of 10 hours between charges and features including Satellite tuners. See just how much is possible in terms of features and power options with our 32” battery-operated LED TV with Freeview T2 HD and satellite tuner This LARGE 32” TV has 3 power options included, Mains, 12v or built in rechargeable battery. With the ability to charge your phone and other USB devices and operate 2 x LED lamps (included) this really is a versatile set that can be used “off grid” too.

HDMI input

Rarely do you see a TV on its own any longer due to the popularity of games consoles and media boxes. You don’t need to give these up while travelling, our 16” FULL HD widescreen LED TV comes with one HDMI input while our 24” Android Smart TV has several, as you might expect on a smart TV

‘Smart’ features

We’re in the year 2018, when it seems that almost any electronic device or appliance can be made ‘smart’ in some way – and the 12-volt leisure TV is no exception. Our 12v 24” Android Smart TV is pretty unique because of its built-in Wi-Fi and the ability that it gives you to download popular Android apps – such as BBC iPlayer, Netflix and Sky Go – to your TV using any available wifi networks or tethered to your mobile if using it as a hot spot

Yes, 12-volt TVs really can represent the height of sophistication – and for evidence of that, you only need to look to the current up-to-date selection of highly innovative leisure TV options right here at Ferguson TV.