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4K is becoming increasingly commonplace – so get yourself a TV to match

Can you remember the days when ultra high-definition TV seemed impossibly sophisticated and far away? It really isn’t that long ago – but today, 4K is more-or-less everywhere. So, why are you continuing to make do with a TV that doesn’t enable you to immerse yourself in all of the possibilities that this technology presents?

Introducing the occasionally confusing world of 4K

If there’s any reason why you haven’t purchased a 4K TV yet – and quite frankly, if you’re in the market for a new TV today, it should definitely be a 4K one – it may be because you’re a little confused about what this technology is.

Various terms get bandied about – including Ultra HD, UHD and 4K Ultra HD – but they’re all referring to one thing, which is a TV with a 3,840 x 2,160 pixel resolution.

Now, the stunning and sumptuous detail that Ultra HD TVs like our own here at Ferguson allow you to experience is arguably a strong reason, in and of itself, to upgrade to this type of TV. After all, we’re talking here about four times the total number of pixels a Full HD (1,920 x 1,080) TV offers.

The mainstream option for your next TV

However, there’s one other very powerful reason to start comparing Ultra HD TVs: the fact that 4K is really so widespread these days.

Far from being solely used for slow-motion promotional videos as may have once seemed to be the case, 4K HDR streaming is becoming more prevalent across the subscription services of the likes of Sky, BT and Virgin, as well as streaming platforms such as Netflix, Amazon Prime Video and YouTube.

This, in turn, brings us neatly onto the subject of smart TVs. These Internet-connected TVs – like 4K and Internet-connected everything else – are becoming the standard rather than anything especially unusual. Nor should this be surprising, given their sheer ease of use, thanks to interfaces that make it as straightforward as you like to access your favourite apps.

Take your pick from our leading large-screen Ultra HD TVs

If there’s any way to make the Ultra HD smart TV experience even more special, it’s choosing a large one – and we’ve got some great options in that regard right here at Ferguson.

With new 50” and 65” smart Ultra HD TVs available right now as part of our RTS range – incorporating preloaded catch-up and streaming apps, T2 HD channels, built-in Wi-Fi and other useful features – we have the impressive and great-value solution that will enable you to truly make the most of the 4K revolution at last.

Ferguson may be a historic TV brand, but we are also proud to represent the best of British in the 21st-century when it comes to all forms of leading-edge TV technology at an excellent price. So, why look any further than a Ferguson ?