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How does a 12 Volt TV compare to a Standard TV?

caravan-mountainsHere at Ferguson, we work hard to dispel the myth that smaller TVs – such as a 12 volt TV – are necessarily less well featured than TVs of much larger sizes. In an age of TVs stretching up to 100” and beyond – which can put pressure on both budget and space – we see this as a rather positive thing. All our 12 volt TV models up to 24” can be used in travelling situations or at home…just add an aerial.

To help you decide on the features that your next TV must have, we decided to compare one of our smaller 12 volt TVs against one of our larger standard models in terms of features, to assess which may be the best option for your own specific requirements.

May your travels never be boring

Naturally, our 12 volt TVs are a much better option for those who travel quite frequently. They can be fully operated from the 12 volt power supply in cars, motorhomes and other vehicles as well as on “hook up” or at home. For use abroad the 19” and 22” Traveller TV’s are the only option also boasting a satellite tuner.

Of course, it would be much harder to bring a standard-sized television with you on holiday, and given that a 12 volt TV from Ferguson offers everything from Digital Freeview channels, a DVD player, HDMI inputs and a USB port you need never miss a favourite show or event.

Some of our 12 volt TVs are yet to offer the ‘smart’ features now common on larger TVs but the Traveller TV’s offer EZCast. If you have a smartphone or tablet with you while travelling you can mirror your devices screen and sound on to the TV, and you don’t need wi-fi access to do it

No compromise in quality

Many people tend to take a ‘bigger is better’ approach when purchasing a TV for the home but the bigger it is the more energy it uses. All of our 12v TV’s are minimum A energy rated & designed to use as few precious watts as possible to maximise your leisure battery life when mains power is not an option

Whether you have decided to invest in a 12 volt TV or one of our many generously specified larger TVs, when you choose to buy Ferguson TV’s, you can be assured of the utmost quality.