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A 12 volt TV can be your go-to entertainment source on your next caravan holiday

Anyone who has ever had to pack for a break in a caravan will know just how much of a headache it can be to have to remember everything they could conceivably need. Just think of all of the things you need for the kitchen alone – the washing up liquid, sponges, cling film… or what about the bathroom, for which the likes of toiletries and towels need to be brought?

We could go on and on, but let’s be honest – most of us have better things to do than drawing up a comprehensive list, especially when we just fancy a quick vacation.

This is where the right 12 volt TV can make such a big difference. Why not leave the tablet computers and laptops at home, so that you can enjoy the dazzling entertainment our suitably diminutive, but also exceptionally high-quality good value 12v TV’s provide?

Make your next caravan TV a Ferguson TV

Long gone are the days when a ‘caravan TV’ was a hideously made, fragile thing with a grainy black-and-white image that was barely good enough for watching the evening news after a day spent getting closer to nature or exploring your new favourite city. Now, even the most ‘basic’ new TVs are unashamedly… sophisticated and available in 16” – 24” Screen sizes

Just consider the cheapest 12 volt TV that we presently offer here at Fergusontv.com – a tidy little 16” number boasting a beautiful HD ready, widescreen display. You don’t have to bring a separate DVD player as there’s one built into the TV, while if you have a games console or similar external device, you can have even more fun thanks to the HDMI input.

Even if you don’t want to do anything more complicated than just sit down and watch TV, you’re sorted with this 12 volt TV that comes with built-in digital Freeview channels. Combine these features with easy installation and operation and you really do have a very generously specified TV for not much money at all.

Oh, and there’s one more thing…

We know that as you do your globetrotting with your caravan, a part of your heart will always be back home in dear old Blighty. So isn’t it nice to think that by purchasing a Ferguson TV, you’re also supporting British TV production? Yes, that’s right – our caravan TVs, like the rest of our TVs, are manufactured in the UK by Cello Electronics.